First post, and Welcome…

Hello… you’ve arrived at the first post of chromaticsabatic!


Hello… you’ve arrived at the first post of chromaticsabatic!  The goal of the site is to provide practical ‘howto’-type advice on all aspects of writing and producing electronic music, backed up with practical, real-world examples from my own tracks.  I hope to cover technical aspects like sequencing, mixing, and applying effects, as well as the more artistic aspects of the writing and production process.

I’ve been writing electronic music as a hobby since high school, and although I’ve always gotten a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction from producing my own stuff, trying to fit music in with full time work never allowed me to focus enough to achieve the quality of production I wanted.  So, at the end of 2015, I left my day job to write music full time. Right now I’ve had just over 6 months of being a full-time musician and producer… it’s been a challenging experience, requiring dedication and perseverance, but at the same time hugely rewarding to be able to immerse myself in something I love doing.  Through hard work and a lot of trial and error, I’ve learned a huge amount about the music production process… particularly with regard to mixing (EQ, compression, spatial effects), and final ‘polishing’ of a track to get it sounding as close as possible to commercial releases.  As the year’s progressed, I’ve documented a lot of what I’ve learnt for personal reference, but being able to share this knowledge with a wider audience will make the whole experience more worthwhile.  Hence I’ve started this site to give me a vehicle to share the techniques I’ve learned, and to continue to document things I discover during the rest of the time.

As far as music styles go, I try not to confine myself to specific sub-genres of electronic music, but what I’m writing at the moment sits somewhere between house, progressive, minimal, and techno styles.  Samples of my music are available on my soundcloud profile.

My greatest satisfaction from this process, will be if readers can use the techniques to develop and improve their own music.  I’m really pleased to be able to host this site, and I hope you can get a lot from it.

Alastair Wyse