The Closing

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks, to catalogue a significant event in my journey as a full-time producer… what’s the event?? Well, after 15 months working on music production full time (plus another 4-5 months part time), I’ve returned to my standard (and regular paying!) work in IT.

I felt like it was appropriate to write a post to ’round off’ that part of my experience. Even when you’re doing something you love every day, it not always easy… remaining self-motivated, working alone and missing human interaction, and having to support myself with pretty much zero income, were all challenges I faced along the way. BUT, to be able to be immersed in something I have passion for and find so rewarding, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Although the time I can spend producing will be more limited going forward, the skills I’ve developed over the last 18 months will allow me to see tracks through from inception to completion way more quickly than I could have done before. Plus there’s the satisfaction and confidence from knowing that I can make tracks that from a production perspective, are on par with stuff released on labels… that was one of my main goals of he whole process, and massively satisfying to have achieved. Overall, I have no regrets about taking the risk of leaving well paid work to follow my dreams, and in the absence of the unfortunate financial constraints (that one about needing money for food, shelter, etc… 🙂 ), I would keep producing full time.

To any readers who are thinking of leaving or taking a break from work to follow a creative pursuit, I’d really encourage you to take a chance, and try to make it happen. I was surprised that a lot of the creative skills and thought processes I honed during 2016, can be equally beneficial when applied to my usual work in software development… growth in my profession didn’t halt even though I was working in a very different discipline.

Although technically the ‘sabatic’ part of this blog is over for now, I will definitely continue to write and produce music in my spare time, and want to keep posting any interesting aspects of music production I discover going forward.

And, just a final note is to say ‘thankyou’ to the readers who have been following my journey over the last 18 months… It’s been exciting to see visitors from corners of the world I’ve never been to, and to likewise read about the fantastic artistic pursuits you guys are involved in. I hope you found something beneficial in the things I documented here, and for your readership and support, my sincere thanks.

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