Documenting Projects

Just a very quick post today.

As Reaper projects for my tracks get more complex (more plugins, more automation etc…), I’ve found the need to be able to properly document many of the small adjustments and settings you make in a project.  For example, a really narrow EQ cut or boost, or EQ which is brought in and out with automation over only a small section of the track.  It’s amazing how quickly you forget these kind of small edits.  This week I went back to the project of a track I finished only around 2 months ago, and I’d completely forgotten the reasoning/justification for a lot of the subtle EQ edits.

BUT… I recently discovered a great feature of Reaper which allows you to attach a text comment to any effects chain you setup on a track.  It’s a bit strange, because the field is prominent in the ‘FX’ window, and I would have looked at it 100’s of times since since starting with Reaper a couple of years ago… but until recently never questioned what it was for.  The field in question is highlighted below (an actual example from one of my recent tracks)…


If you’re using Reaper I’d really encourage you to make use of this feature… and if it’s another DAW, see if it’s got similar functionality.


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